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Medical tourism is an excellent alternative to traditional surgery. At a more affordable cost or about the same costs as only the surgery at your home country, you will get a professional medical procedure, as well as a few days off in a beautiful destination.

We offer complete and affordable plastic surgery options in Colombia, South America, to patients coming from all over the world.

Sounds complicated? You don’t have to worry! Our team of professional plastic surgeons will assess your current health issues and provide the best surgery for your particular case, while our General Logistics Department (GLD) takes care of all your needs before, during and after your surgery. At SurgicAll, we make sure that you have an excellent medical tourism experience.

Within a One Stop Shopping service, you receive:

  • A surgical procedure performed by one the world’s top plastic surgeons (Host Doctors – HDs), following the highest quality standards.
  • Fast and reliable contact with our plastic surgery center, via our Website and our Contact Center, and all your needs taken care of by our General Logistics Department (GLD).
  • Direct communication with your surgeon and dedicated, special attention during your stay and plastic surgery procedure.
  • Your own 24-hour Patient Support Specialist (PSS).
  • The best rates for your plastic surgery, while being assisted by the best plastic surgeons in the Americas who prefer a close follow-up before and after the surgery.
  • Excellent quality with the highest standards provided by our internationally-trained physicians and support team.
  • Being relatively close to home, in a similar western culture and the support of our fully-bilingual staff.

The process of obtaining the plastic surgery procedure that best suits your needs takes nine steps:

Plastic Surgery Process

Plastic Surgery Process

  1. You gather all your general and specific medical information.
  2. You contact SurgicAll. With the help of a Host Doctor (HD) you discuss all aspects of your surgical procedure.
  3. A Patient Support Specialist (PSS) is assigned to you.
  4. You travel to Colombia.
  5. You undergo a preliminary medical assessment.
  6. Surgery takes place.
  7. Recovery phase in Colombia. During this phase, you will be closely supervised by your doctor, and assisted by your PSS 24 hours a day.
  8. You return to your home country.
  9. Medical follow up and support. For this, you will have access to our General Logistics Department (GLD), our Contact Center and the assistance of your Host Doctor (HD).

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